Alfresco Only collections are built with weather-resistant frames. However, upholstered components require additional care and should not be left outdoors for prolonged periods.

The following care guidelines are suggested to help prevent damage and add to the longevity of your Alfresco only upholstery:

  • Upholstered components should be covered or stored out of weather in a dry environment when not in use (e.g. storage box or shed).
  • Ensure you do not wrap cushions tightly in plastic or non-breathable material when stored, as lack of air-flow may cause mildew to grow.
  • If upholstery is accidently left uncovered in wet conditions for prolonged periods, shake or wipe away excess water as soon as possible. Let the upholstery dry out completely before storing.
  • If you have used protective covers but the product but has still been exposed to prolonged wet conditions, we encourage you to inspect your product to ensure that no water has seeped through and pooled on the upholstery. If there is water leakage, dry your upholstery immediately as outlined above.
  • Brush off dirt and dust regularly to keep upholstery tidy.
  • Clean spills immediately. Do not rub the spill. Use a soft bristle brush and cool water to clean spills as they occur. A mild detergent may be used. Rinse with cool water to remove excess detergent if used. Dry upholstery completely before storing.
  • Do not use abrasive detergents or chemicals as this may damage the fabric.

For more information, please contact your local GlobeWest showroom.

The following outdoor collections have Alfresco grade upholstery:

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