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No two pieces of marble are identical, which makes it a beautiful and unique surface to have in your home. As marble is porous in nature, clean any spills promptly to guard against penetration of the surface. Marble develops its own variation in colour and tone over the course of its life and its beauty will evolve over time.

General Care

  • The surface of your marble should not come in contact with hot and/or moist/wet containers/materials. We always recommend using coasters, place mats, tablecloths and table runners to protect furniture surfaces from heat and stains.
  • Take extra care to protect your surfaces from candles and heated objects.
  • Wash with clean water and a mild cleaner. Wash in a small, overlapping, sweeping motion, then dry with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting.
  • Marble can be damaged by products with acidic properties, such as juices, detergents and corrosive liquids. Avoid contact with these types of substances as they can dull or stain the stone surface and destroy the sealant.
  • Marble from the Elle Collection has a protective, resin coating to combat the porosity of natural marble. A similar coating can be found in our Sloan and Como ranges.
  • Marble from the Taj/ Vionnet Collections does not have a protective coating and will be porous.
  • Marble used in our collection does not have a UV coating.

*Content and Image Credit @globewest

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