General Care

  • Rattan is a natural material and must be treated with care, particularly the painted finish.

  • Take care that pointed items such as pens and keys are removed from pockets when sitting on the rattan so that this does not cause the paint to chip or peel.

  • To clean rattan furniture, brush regularly with a dry, medium-bristled brush to remove dirt and dusty build up between the reed strands.
  • For a thorough clean, spot clean using a mild detergent. Take care not to apply too much water as this will cause the rattan to become limp. Wicker will resume its size and shape when it dries, but too much water may permanently distort its shape.
  • Minor chipping or fading of stained or painted rattan can be touched up with a similar coloured stain-pen.
  • Unless specifically mentioned, rattan is not suitable for outdoor use.

*Content and Image Credit @globewest